New Release: Ford by Laura Landon


 Today we celebrate the release of FORD, Book 1 in The Traitor’s Club series!!

Inside the Book:


Captain Fordham Remington has survived countless dangerous missions fighting the foreign enemies of the Queen while maintaining his cover as a traitor to the Crown. Now he undertakes the far less threatening assignment of finding out who is stealing from Her Majesty’s shipping company, and nearly gets himself killed.

Lady Calinda Barclave has worked alongside her grandfather, Admiral Barclave, to run Her Majesty’s Crown Shipping Company for four years. When she’s unable to discover who is behind the company’s shortage in profits, she turns to the dashing Captain Remington for help. But when she discovers his betrayal, she realizes she’s lost the shipping company she loves. And her heart along with it.

Here’s a special preview…

“I’ve been sent by Her Majesty. She has an assignment she’d like you to undertake.”

Ford couldn’t stop the smile that lifted the corners of his mouth. “You’ll excuse me if I take my time in considering Her Majesty’s offer. The last assignment I accepted in her name nearly got me killed.”

Major Thrush’s booming laughed echoed in the closed carriage. “I assure you that this assignment won’t take you behind enemy lines. Nor will it contain any of the elements of danger you confronted during the war. All this requires is that you play the part of the scoundrel Her Majesty is convinced you are.”

Ford Winced.

“Are you sure Her Majesty doesn’t have me confused with one of my mates? There were four of us, after all.”

The major laughed again. “Yes, but you proved the most scandalous of them. Especially where the ladies are concerned.”

“I’m not sure if that is a compliment or—”

“It means you were damnably good at what you did, which is why Her Majesty chose you for this mission.”




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