Publishing Payoff:
Publish like a BOSS with Aurora Publicity

Looking to publish your first book, but need some expert guidance first?

Or maybe you’ve published and instead of shining bright, your book baby belly flopped and has sunken to the bottom of the Amazon abyss.

Publish like a boss, or re-launch like a boss, is for you! We can help.

Over the span of six months, join targeted live workshops with the Aurora Publicity team. We’ll be using your books, methods, and goals as examples and save plenty of time for Q&A. If you can’t join live, all sessions will be recorded and available to everyone who purchased the Platinum stack. Everyone also gets a 60-minute 1:1 consultation with any expert from the Aurora team to work specifically for you.

The Curriculum:

JULY: Pre-Publication Session

In this 90-minute session, Aurora’s owner and founder will discuss how to build your publishing timeline. We’ll discuss book goals, launch goals, and organization tips. This session sets you up for success over your publishing journey.

AUGUST: Publishing Session

In this 90-minute session, you’ll be hearing from Aurora’s publishing director and Aurora founder to learn about the logistics of publishing. We’ll discuss how to establish retailer accounts, guides on where to publish, pricing strategy, ISBN designation, LLC creation (is it for you), publishing schedule, etc. This session is designed to help guide you through the actual publishing process and give you real-time advice on how to make it as smooth as possible.

SEPTEMBER: Book Optimization Session

In this 90-minute session, you’ll get a chance to hear from Aurora’s publishing director on how to ensure that your books are optimized and that you’ve set yourself up to target the right markets. We’ll be discussing how keywords and categories are essential in this process, and how your cover, editing, blurb, and even your formatting play major roles in the reader experience.

OCTOBER: Book Launch Session

In this 90-minute session, Aurora’s marketing and author assistant team will work with the group to build a launch plan to take you through the best marketing and launch strategies to help your book succeed. We’ll cover platform, marketing, and advertising.