About Us

Here at Aurora Publicity, we live, breathe, and love marketing books and working with authors. As published authors and/or avid readers, we love the written word in all its forms.

Our commitment to our authors is to provide the right marketing guidance and execution to help them increase their visibility, expand their brand and platform, and sell more books.

Our commitment to our readers is to continuously provide a plethora of opportunities to connect book lovers with flocks of new authors and books.

Our commitment to our bloggers is to provide stories to fall in love with, or new favorite authors to follow. Together, we can share our love of reading and promoting authors.

Our Story

Once upon a time, an amazing indie author and a corporate marketing nut wannabe freelance publicist connected on Twitter. See, some social media connections can turn into valuable relationships! They began working together, and soon after, amazing indie author’s genius idea of founding a publishing house in addition to offering quality and affordable services to authors in order to help them publish or promote themselves better led to PageCurl Publishing and Promotion. Corporate marketing nut was able to quit corporate and turn into a full-time publicist for authors all around the world.

Over the years, the promotion side grew and grew until it made sense to re-launch a full publicity company separated and yet still connected to PageCurl. Aurora Publicity was born. We are the recommended marketing arm for authors who publish through PageCurl, but we also work with other publishers and hope many more will recommend us to their authors.

If you see Aurora and PageCurl connected in places, it is because of that original foundation. Our Facebook page has still not reflected the change and will be updated in the coming weeks. Testimonials may still bear PageCurl’s name.

So what of amazing indie author and publicist? They get to continue doing what they love and sharing that love with authors, writers, and readers alike.

Come meet our team.

Disclaimer: This website uses Amazon affiliate links. These change frequently as we do accept advertising in limited spaces. Presume that most links to Amazon have an affiliate relationship attached. Now, why do we use Amazon affiliate links? Well, we like running our monthly giveaways for you and being able to offer free eBooks and free author promotions. We also like having a small book fund. It’s not enough to buy a library (darn it!), but a book is a book and we’ll take it. Thank you for your contribution.