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Book marketing is a tireless job. Success comes from a whole lot of strategy… and a little bit of book marketing magic. Publishing your book is a magical moment – one you will never forget, but the reality of publishing a book is that your hard work has just begun. If you haven’t already done so, you must now dive into the world of marketing and self-promotion. If you’ve been published a while, you know that marketing your book, and brand, is this never-ending and absolutely necessary cycle that you need to tend to. Every. Single. Day. Why? Because your book is one in millions, hundreds of millions, and if you aren’t actively seeking out your readers every day, you can bet the thirty-two other authors that published their books at the exact same moment are.

The good news? We can totally help you. In any stage, in almost every way, we can help. Experienced authors, you know we speak the truth, and you’re here because you need a hand with managing it all. After all, you have that next book and the one after that to pen, right? You need a partner to take over some of your marketing responsibilities so that you can go write more. We understand you could do any of this on your own if you had more time, or a clone. Since you don’t, let us help.

No buying random packages or trying to think about what you might need last-minute for a new release. Work with our marketing team to get you closer to your goals and reach your next level. On your schedule and on your budget, and your hours never expire.

Good marketing isn’t cheap (and it shouldn’t be) we know, but we promise to deliver our very best for every cent you spend with us. Our team can help you identify and reach your desired readers. We put in the time and do the industry research for your specific genre, on your behalf. We’ll create custom marketing plans or launch plans that dive deep into what’s currently working in your genre and within your brand.

Ready to boost your fans, followers, and more importantly, your sales? Start with our marketing team. Whether you’re a first-time author with your debut novel or a seasoned author looking for more writing time, we’ve got great ways to work harder and smarter for you.