Formatting Services

Formatting Services

Presentation is everything! You want your readers to open your book, whether it’s on paperback or on their eReader, and get lost in the amazing story you’ve created. Your formatting should be clean and in line with industry standards so that it doesn’t take away from the book itself. Some authors choose to do their own formatting and are amazing at it! While others just don’t have the time to learn this skill and/or ensure that the finished product comes across professionally crafted.

Our formatting specialist doubles as a fabulous graphic designer. Enabling her to create a beautifully professional book, whether it’s a more traditional style or custom to your unique brand. We take pride in being able to provide this service to our clients, and below you’ll find a detailed listing of what we could provide for you.

eBook Only Services

Basic eBook Formatting: 

Basic package includes clean, professional formatting with no images, and no chapter headers.

Advanced eBook Formatting: 

Advanced package includes clean, professional formatting with a creative flair. Scene breaks, customized chapter headings and graphics.

*** With both our basic and advanced services you will receive three files: .docx (working document), .mob (Mobi), and .epub (to be used on Amazon or any other digital retailer).***

Paperback/Hardback Only Services

Basic Paperback/Hardback Formatting:  

Basic package includes clean, professional formatting: 11pt font, single spacing, Times New Roman

Advanced Formatting: 

Advanced packaging includes clean, professional formatting with a creative flair. Formatting is based on the basic formatting, but can include commercially licensed fonts, chapter header images, maps etc. Price is determined by number of images, fonts needed, and graphics provided.

*** Both basic and advanced paperback/hardback files come in PDF format*

eBook and Paperback/Hardback Bundle Services

Bundle and Save:

Receive a discounted price when you purchase formatting services for both eBook and Paperback/Hardcover.

***All bundles include the .docx (working document), .mob (Mobi), .epub (to be used on Amazon or any other digital retailer), as well as the .pdf (print PDF).***

Specialty Formatting

Specialty Formatting:

Any project other than non-fiction and fiction novels that require more than what’s offered in the advanced packages. This includes: Children’s books, journals, and illustrated books.

Price depends on how much is involved in the project, the number of images, graphics, and what formats are needed.

*Font size and spacing can be adjusted per clients wants/branding needs for all packages and bundles. *