Testimonials for Aurora

“I have worked with Pam Labbe since 2016 when my book The Beat on Ruby’s Street was first published. She has brought the book to the top 100 for Amazon sales in the children’s historical fiction categories several times and even to number one as well. Pam is thorough, upbeat, enthusiastic and conscientious. I can relax knowing that Pam is in my corner, helping publicize and market my book, and that I am not just another author to her. She reads my work and has taken the time to get to know me and figure out the best strategies for getting my books (since I now have a second one) to prospective readers. She is also spectacular at finding reviewers who are genuine and who also care about what they do. In addition, she’s an extremely talented artist who creates world-class graphics for promos – I regularly hear from people who wonder who is making them. In short, I would recommend Pam to anyone and everyone in need of a great publicist! I am so lucky to have found her.”
Jenna Zark, author of The Beat on Ruby’s Street and Fool’s Errand

“I love working with Pam. She is professional and always has the projects completed way ahead of deadline. Pam is someone I can trust and always count on to help me out. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”
Elizabeth Rose, Best-Selling Author

“Working with Aurora has taken my career to the next level. The expertise, helpfulness, and efficiency has been the best I’ve ever worked with since the start of my writing. I’d be lost without Laura and the whole them. They’re so patient. No question is silly, no task too big or small. I look forward to many more projects in the future.”
Nadine Millard, Best-Selling Author

“Aurora Publicity delivers on point and efficient work, no matter what you’ve booked them for. Special extra shout-out for VPA Pam Labbe – the woman has been my lifesaver during the time she has worked with me. Everything I’ve needed her to do, she was on it like white on rice & got me astounding results. Definitely recommending her if you’re looking for a conscientious & effective VPA.”
Zee Monodee, USA TODAY Best-Selling Author

“I love their marketing ideas and their attentiveness to me and my books. Samantha is sweet, smart and it’s such a pleasure working with her. “
Meara Platt, #1 Best-Selling Historical Romance Author

“Aurora Publicity is a dream come true for an indie author like myself.
Marketing wise, Samantha gave me advice on making my website more user friendly, taught me how to create a teaser with a call to action, walked me through how to host an author cover reveal party on Facebook, and showed me how to create release day events and giveaways as well as enhance my blog.
Cover Design and graphics can be tricky and sometimes hard to translate what an author wants (even if she/he has no idea) to the designer. Melody was able to take the blurb from my book and translate it to a beautiful cover. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and amazingly enough, when I saw her first mock up, I thought she had somehow climbed into my brain to retrieve it. She was able to make some tweaks to coloring and images and in the end I knew I had found my new cover designer for my writing life.
Aurora promotes authors daily with their, Teaser Tuesday and Writer Wednesday posts, as well as other prompts to list current samples of work with the intent of introducing authors to new readers. These posts on their Facebook page are completely free to participate in. I love their blog posts as well which are always full of useful information on writing, editing, publishing, etc.
Now, self-publishing is not scary at all with these ladies on my team. In fact, it’s exciting.”
Jennifer Senhaji, Contemporary Romance Author

“I always get exactly what I ask for when working with Melody Barber on cover design. She has a way of taking my idea and making it shine. She is fast, professional, and very talented. I highly recommend Aurora Publicity for your cover needs.”
Amanda Mariel, #1 Best-Selling Amazon All Star Author 

“Samantha and Aurora Publicity are tremendous to work with. They ‘get’ the neurotic writer psyche, as well as our need for hand-holding and detail, and always made sure that I had what I needed for the promotion to work smooth as silk. Their follow-up and response times are beyond exceptional. I had a great time working with them, and would recommend them for anyone seeking a high-end promo experience.”
Angel Payne, USA Today Best-Selling Author

“Samantha has been terrific to work with, so helpful in launching my new series. The most valuable project she implemented for me was a newsletter cross promotion campaign in which a dozen erotic romance authors sent the same promotional newsletter to their mailing lists. Growing my mailing list was very high priority for me, and this campaign garnered me hundreds of new subscribers. Thanks, Samantha!”
Louisa Crane, USA Today Best-Selling Author

“I had the pleasure of working with Samantha and her team and I have to say the process was streamline and easy. Very happy.” 
Pepper Winters, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Best-Selling Author