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The Aurora Publicity team is dedicated to helping you achieve and succeed. If there’s ever a time that you need more than we provide, then we’re happy to recommend others that we love to work with.

Samantha K. Williams: Founder/Director of Publicity

Samantha is a passionate marketer with 10+ years of professional marketing and public relations experience focused in the areas of content creation, social media, managing internal and external communications, branding, sales, advertising, graphic design, website development, and the creation and execution of marketing campaigns. Samantha has a B.A. in PR and advertising, and a master’s degree in management and marketing. She has turned her experience into an opportunity that helps authors sell more books and grow their platform, and has been working with authors and in publishing over the last five years. Fueled by her love of reading, she also enjoys connecting with other book lovers and helping them find new authors to enjoy. In her spare time she dabbles in writing contemporary romance. Samantha loves learning the ins and outs of publishing, making friends all over the world, and connecting with fellow authors and readers, all from her home in Southeastern Michigan. She fuels her insatiable dream-chasing with what some would consider an unhealthy amount of coffee, and she wouldn’t have her crazy busy life any other way. Feel free to email her if you want to chat.

Ashley Lobocki: Manager

Ashley has always had a love for books! When she was a little girl, she enjoyed reading inspirational stories, biographies and mysteries laced with adventure. This love for adventure and passion led her into a career as a nurse. Ashley has spent the last 15 years working trauma, ER, ICU and administration, but has never lost that desire to get lost in another world. That passion for books has only grown. Who doesn’t love a good romance? Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary… if there’s a handsome man waiting for her at the end, she’s all in! Over the years, her respect for writers grew and she wanted to find a way to become involved. By combining her love of books with her knowledge of management, she became the perfect fit for Aurora! When she’s not tucked away under the covers with a steamy romance, you’re likely to find her at the hockey rink or the softball field. Yes, before you ask… she’s that mom. She’s married to a Navy Veteran she’s still desperately in love with, has two crazy teenage boys, a sassy, beautiful daughter, and three dogs that could easily classify as horses. Coffee keeps her sane, and an episode of The Goldberg’s reminds her that she’s not all that bad…. mostly. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Melody Barber: Creative Director

Melody has been in love with art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. It was only natural that she carry this passion into her career as a graphic designer. A twist of fate took her down the path that lead to designing covers. She now gets to live her dream mixing two of her favorite passions, design and books. When Melody isn’t getting lost in the design process, she also dabbles in book marketing. With all her time spent with writers and books, she couldn’t help getting bitten by the writing bug herself. Melody wears many hats including wife, friend, caretaker, animal lover, obsessive coffee drinker, and DIY enthusiast. With all her interests there is never a dull moment, and she loves it that way. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Alex Bova: Author Assistant

Alex is a reader, writer, typewriter collector, and lover of the occasional dog-eared page. She started memorizing books when she was just six years old. Alex started creating stories of her own shortly thereafter, and she is constantly searching for the right words to describe the tiny, beautiful moments scattered across our everyday lives. She has been published in several anthologies and is always interested in helping others make their publishing dreams come true. Alex has extensive editorial knowledge with a background in social media and SEO strategies. She especially loves reading contemporary fiction, YA, and historical fiction/romance. When not scouring the shelves of used bookstores, she’s dabbling in the written word, eating copious amounts of cheese, or hanging out with her black lab rescue, Ranger.  

Amy Alessio: Author Assistant

Amy is an award-winning librarian with a black belt in karate. Her latest book is the co-authored of Pop Culture Inspired Programs (American Library Association, 2018). Her fiction includes the Amazon bestselling Alana O’Neill mysteries with vintage recipes and romance under a pseudonym. She teaches graduate-level young adult literature and webinars on book trends and social media. Several times a year she unleashes her love of vintage cookbooks on audiences through programs on food trends. She is a romance and mystery reviewer for Booklist. Learn more at www.amyalessio.com

Cameron Yeager: Author Assistant

Cameron has so much to offer Aurora as a freelance editor and publicist. She has a degree in Language Arts, with an emphasis in teaching, as well as being a former theater major. She’s living life in Southern California, and is pretty much your average geek. She spends her time reading, playing video games, attending local Comic-Con events, and watching various movies and TV shows. While she reads a variety of genres, she craves a good Fantasy novel! Her favorite authors include George RR Martin, Anne McCaffrey, and Mercedes Lackey. Cameron brings over seven years of experience in the publishing industry, and enjoys working closely with her authors to build their brands and get their books in the hands of readers! Feel free to email her and chat!

Cheryl Maddox: Author Assistant

Cheryl grew up reading books under the covers with a flashlight instead of sleeping. She turned her enjoyment of the written word into a job she loves; working as a Personal Assistant to many authors who write in all different categories of the romance genre. With her vast knowledge of the author world and her insights into social media and publishing, she loves assisting authors in taking their careers to the next level. Cheryl enjoys living in the South with her husband, their son, three dogs, two cats and a lot of plants that never seem to get enough attention. Feel free to email her and chat!

Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey: Author Assistant

Jannie was born and raised in the Philippines. Since she was young and kept mostly indoors, she developed the love for faraway places through stories found in a book. Her first book was a Harlequin Romance since her mother was an avid romance reader. On top of that, her summers were spent writing fanfiction. In college, she was part of the school literary folio, Malate. Her current writings have been featured in Tumblr. From there, she had a whirlwind of a romance through the digital world of online chat rooms, dabbled in a long distance relationship for five years and eventually migrated to the US to be with her love. Alas, love can be cruel and while things did not turn out as a happily ever after, she still believes that love exists in all different forms. That includes her love for writing and reading fanfiction, Arashi, travel, Japanese language, and culture. She now devotes herself to supporting authors as they work to get to their happy ever after. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Jasmyn Novachek: Author Assistant

Jasmyn loves to help authors discover their brand identity. With a particular fondness for mentoring and promoting authors, Jasmyn’s expertise lies in campaign development—from website branding strategies to newsletter management her goal is to get the author’s name out into the world so it’s more recognizable. She championed blog tour coordination, editorial placement, ARC management, and content publishing at Leap Books, where she was hired as a junior publicist to work with Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult Titles. Jasmyn worked with several authors in a variety of Young Adult and Adult genres withe Barclay Publicity as a publicist on retainer.
Jasmyn has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from Upper Iowa University. She is also a judge for the RONE Awards and the YARWA Athena Awards. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.  

Laura Dickey: Author Assistant

Laura has loved reading for as long as she can remember. She volunteered at the public library from ages fourteen to sixteen and served as the assistant editor of her school’s newspaper while she was in community college. Several years ago, she began advance reading, beta reading, and street teaming for indie authors, and found she enjoyed helping them out in any way that she could. Aside from books, her interests include art history, music, and acting. She lives in Texas with her husband and their one dog. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Pam Labbe: Author Assistant

Berenstain Bears, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Sweet Valley High are what started Pam’s addiction and love for books. Now that she’s older, her tastes have broadened and her passion for reading has grown. Four years ago she dove into book blogging with her successful blog, Moonlight Reader, and hasn’t looked back since. Pam expanded her love for books by working with a hybrid publishing company as a book marketing manager for over two years and with fourteen authors. Pam is knowledgeable in fiction and non-fiction marketing. Some of her marketing strengths include giving the author a timeline to work from so they know what to do and when, and she loves reading her author’s books and pulling quotes to make teasers with. She is wife to a Guinness World Record holder and mother to three young boys. She loves the ocean, kayaking, coffee, going for walks, and laughing. And chocolate, never forget the chocolate. Feel free to email her and chat!


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