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The Aurora Publicity team is dedicated to helping you achieve and succeed. If there’s ever a time that you need more than we provide, then we’re happy to recommend others that we love to work with.

Samantha K. Williams: Founder/Director of Publicity
Author S.K. Wills

Samantha is a passionate marketer with 7+ years of professional marketing and public relations experience focused in the areas of content creation, social media, managing internal and external communications, branding, sales, advertising, graphic design, website development, and the creation and execution of marketing campaigns. Samantha has a B.A. in PR and advertising, and a master’s degree in management and marketing. She has turned her experience into an opportunity that helps authors sell more books and grow their platform, and has been working with authors and in publishing over the last three years. Fueled by her love of reading, she also enjoys connecting with other book lovers and helping them find new authors to enjoy. In her spare time she dabbles in writing contemporary romance. Samantha loves learning the ins and outs of publishing, making friends all over the world, and connecting with fellow authors and readers, all from her home in Southeastern Michigan. She fuels her insatiable dream-chasing with what some would consider an unhealthy amount of coffee, and she wouldn’t have her crazy busy life any other way. Feel free to email her if you want to chat.

Tracee Gleichner: Author Assistant

Tracee and books have always had a love, love relationship. Being a mom of a daughter born with multiple heart defects, she realized that life is too short and you need to live each day enjoying what you do. An avid reader her entire life, she left her job in finance to pursue her true passion, helping authors. In the 9+ years she has worked in the publicity and marketing field, she has worked for Entangled Publishing, HarperCollins, Kensington Books, as the VP of Pump Up Your Book,  and with hundreds of Indie press and self-published authors. Admitting she may be a little OCD, it has helped her thrive in a demanding business that is ever changing and create a team environment that is beneficial for all involved.
There is nothing she loves more than books, fellow book lovers and authors…well, except for her family and a good healthy dose of coffee. While not working (when is that?, lol) she loves to cook, go antique hunting, visit anywhere where there is a body of water to enjoy, or just spend time with her husband and girls and enjoy life. Feel free to email her if you want to chat

Pam Labbe: Author Assistant
Pam's Profile Picture 2

Berenstain Bears, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Sweet Valley High are what started Pam’s addiction and love for books. Now that she’s older, her tastes have broadened and her passion for reading has grown. Four years ago she dove into book blogging with her successful blog, Moonlight Reader, and hasn’t looked back since. Pam expanded her love for books by working with a hybrid publishing company as a book marketing manager for over two years and with fourteen authors. Pam is knowledgeable in fiction and non-fiction marketing. Some of her marketing strengths include giving the author a timeline to work from so they know what to do and when, and she loves reading her author’s books and pulling quotes to make teasers with. She is wife to a Guinness World Record holder and mother to three young boys. She loves the ocean, kayaking, coffee, going for walks, and laughing. And chocolate, never forget the chocolate. Feel free to email her and chat!


Tara Carlson: Author Assistant/Aurora Assistant

Tara has loved reading and writing as far back as she can remember – some of her earliest memories are of hiding under a blanket with a book and a flashlight late at night, and she still stays up way too late reading (but doesn’t have to hide it from her mom anymore). She started working at the public library at the age of fourteen, mostly so she’d be able to borrow as many books as she wanted at a time but also because they were willing to pay her to hang out with books and lovers of books all day. Tara has been promoting books and authors for the past few years as owner of the blog Dividing by Zero, and she’s also had several of her own short stories published in small press anthologies. She and her husband live in northern Michigan with their five sons, two cats, and one dog. Feel free to email her if you want to chat!



Katie Sterrett: Author Advertising Wizard
Katie has always been a dreamer, a writer, and a creative spirit that spends way too much time thinking about characters and plot twists. She wanted to be an author when she grew up, but by the time she was in her twenties she’d learned that her calling was a little different. Instead of writing books, she started writing copy. From nothing but a graphic and a handful of words, she created worldsworlds people wanted to read about.

She became an ad wizard for authors, and she can convince readers to buy good books. If you’re wondering what that looks like, what kind of magic she can bring to an author’s sales, what kind of audience is out there looking for author’s book to read, then you might want to work with her on your ads strategy. She loves connecting with readers and authors so feel free to send her an email.


Melody Barber: Creative Director

Melody and has been in love with art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. It was only natural that she carry this passion into her career as a graphic designer. A twist of fate took her down the path that lead to designing covers. She now gets to live her dream mixing two of her favorite passions, design and books. When Melody isn’t getting lost in the design process, she also dabbles in book marketing. With all her time spent with writers and books, she couldn’t help getting bitten by the writing bug herself. Melody wears many hats including wife, friend, caretaker, animal lover, obsessive coffee drinker, and DIY enthusiast. With all her interests there is never a dull moment, and she loves it that way. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.


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