Our Team

The Aurora Publicity team is dedicated to helping you achieve and succeed. If there’s ever a time that you need more than we provide, then we’re happy to recommend others that we love to work with.

Samantha K. Williams: Founder/Director of Publicity

Samantha is a passionate marketer with 10+ years of professional marketing and public relations experience focused in the areas of content creation, social media, managing internal and external communications, branding, sales, advertising, graphic design, website development, and the creation and execution of marketing campaigns. Samantha has a B.A. in PR and advertising, and a master’s degree in management and marketing. She has turned her experience into an opportunity that helps authors sell more books and grow their platform, and has been working with authors and in publishing over the last five years. Fueled by her love of reading, she also enjoys connecting with other book lovers and helping them find new authors to enjoy. In her spare time she dabbles in writing contemporary romance. Samantha loves learning the ins and outs of publishing, making friends all over the world, and connecting with fellow authors and readers, all from her home in Southeastern Michigan. She fuels her insatiable dream-chasing with what some would consider an unhealthy amount of coffee, and she wouldn’t have her crazy busy life any other way. Feel free to email her if you want to chat.

Ashley Lobocki: Administrative Manager, Publishing Director

Ashley has always had a love for books! When she was a little girl, she enjoyed reading inspirational stories, biographies and mysteries laced with adventure. This love for adventure and passion led her into a career as a nurse. Ashley has spent the last 15 years working trauma, ER, ICU and administration, but has never lost that desire to get lost in another world. That passion for books has only grown. Who doesn’t love a good romance? Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary… if there’s a handsome man waiting for her at the end, she’s all in! Over the years, her respect for writers grew and she wanted to find a way to become involved. By combining her love of books with her knowledge of management, she became the perfect fit for Aurora! When she’s not tucked away under the covers with a steamy romance, you’re likely to find her at the hockey rink or the softball field. Yes, before you ask… she’s that mom. She’s married to a Navy Veteran she’s still desperately in love with, has two crazy teenage boys, a sassy, beautiful daughter, and three dogs that could easily classify as horses. Coffee keeps her sane, and an episode of The Goldberg’s reminds her that she’s not all that bad…. mostly. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Melody Barber: Creative Director

Melody has been in love with art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. It was only natural that she carry this passion into her career as a graphic designer. A twist of fate took her down the path that lead to designing covers. She now gets to live her dream mixing two of her favorite passions, design and books. With all her time spent with writers and books, she couldn’t help getting bitten by the writing bug herself. Melody wears many hats including wife, friend, caretaker, animal lover, obsessive coffee drinker, and DIY enthusiast. With all her interests there is never a dull moment, and she loves it that way. Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Sarah Moss – Illustrator, Creative Assistant

Sarah has been drawing her whole life – her mother still has a Christmas illustration she did at 4 years old. She continued to draw growing up, but decided to pursue a career in graphic design after high school. Illustration is still her one true love though and she uses it every chance she gets. Growing up, she was an avid reader as well (being able to memorize whole pages out of books), which led to dabbling in creative writing as a hobby. Her favorite genres are horror, thriller/suspense, macabre, and dark romance. She’s content with her life as a full-fledged anime + Disney nerd. In addition to being an artist, Sarah is also a sister, aunt, friend, animal lover, and obsessed with coffee. She also fits gym time into her schedule. As long as she gets to keep being creative, life is good! Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Nicole Conway – Illustrator, Creative Assistant

Nicole is an experienced graphic artist and designer with a passion for digital painting and illustration. Her own journey as a hybrid author of multiple bestselling series gives her an edge to creating competitive, on-market, beautiful covers and interior book designs. She loves being able to bring other authors’ characters to life, while also guiding them through the creative process and how they can make informed, wise decisions about their design choices in the future. In her spare time, Nicole loves spending time with her family gardening, rock climbing, camping, and playing lots of tabletop games! Feel free to email her if you ever want to chat.

Amy Kessler – Formatting Specialist, Creative Assistant

Amy is a graphic design enthusiast who loves to help create memorable books for authors and readers to cherish. She has been formatting both eBooks and paperbacks for over seven years and holds a Bachelors in Business with a focus in Marketing that allows her to create custom formatting to meet individual and series branding expectations. She loves working with authors to make their book look just right – and she does so with a coffee in hand and a cat at her side. Feel free to email her and chat!

Samira Shrivastav – Marketing Coordinator

As a former meeting and conference planner, Samira knows the value of an air-tight process! With decades of experience in program and project management-related roles, she has keen attention to detail, and loves seeing a plan come together flawlessly. She reads every night until she can no longer keep her eyes open—everything from fantasy to thriller to cozy mystery and beyond. As someone who grew up on Beatrix Potter, Samira’s favorite stories often involve the exploits of anthropomorphic woodland critters. A writer, blogger, and unabashed butter-lover, she lives in New Jersey with her two incorrigible house panthers, Bella and Pixie. Feel free to email her and chat!

Brian Lobocki – Amazon Ads Specialist

Brian Lobocki began his career diagnosing and fixing cars. There was something about problem-solving and data-collecting that appealed to his analytical brain. After becoming a first-time Dad to twins, and recovering from surgery from a shoulder injury, his wife–the boss–put him to work. More than a year later, he’s still problem-solving and data-collecting as he manages dozens of author’s Amazon ads. With five computer monitors, he pretends he’s controlling NASA instead of analyzing thousands of keywords and book targets. He’s now a full-time part of the team and looks forward to working with his next author.

Adriane Schuler – FB Ads Specialist

Adriane is excited about getting your books in front of the perfect readers! She has been in the marketing industry for 5+ years and loves that there is constant growth and change – nothing stays stagnant in marketing! Joining Aurora’s team has been such a joy! When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her family, kayaking, boating and camping! Always with a book in hand of course! Feel free to email her and chat!

Jennifer Mallette – Publishing Assistant, Author Assistant

Jen was born with a book in one hand and a pen in the other. Unfortunately, this resulted in a long and painful labor. Don’t judge, she wasn’t finished writing her review yet. It had to be perfect. Reviews do matter! This incident, may or may not have led to Jen pursuing a career as a Doula. Sometimes babies just need more time to gather their thoughts, so she helps birthing individuals be more patient with their child’s “creative process.” For most babies, deadlines are just not a thing. When Jen isn’t supporting parents or cuddling their newborns, she is usually lost in a good book or hanging out with her crazy, but loveable, fur crew! Let’s be honest, she isn’t really left much choice in this, as they will sprawl across her page, but, hey, that is all part of their charm. This awesome fur mom and Doula thrives when she is helping others. She is driven by her passion for creativity, a good story and of course books. Jen’s love of the creative process, patience, and attention to detail have made her the perfect addition to the Aurora publishing team! Feel free to email her and chat!

Cameron Yeager: Editor, Author Assistant

Cameron has so much to offer Aurora as a freelance editor and publicist. She has a degree in Language Arts, with an emphasis in teaching, as well as being a former theater major. She’s living life in Southern California, and is pretty much your average geek. She spends her time reading, playing video games, attending local Comic-Con events, and watching various movies and TV shows. While she reads a variety of genres, she craves a good Fantasy novel! Her favorite authors include George RR Martin, Anne McCaffrey, and Mercedes Lackey. Cameron brings over seven years of experience in the publishing industry, and enjoys working closely with her authors to build their brands and get their books in the hands of readers! Recently, Cameron has teamed up with Aurora to provide her editing services. Feel free to email her and chat!

Pam Labbe: Author Assistant

Berenstain Bears, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Sweet Valley High are what started Pam’s addiction and love for books. Now that she’s older, her tastes have broadened and her passion for reading has grown. Four years ago she dove into book blogging with her successful blog, Moonlight Reader, and hasn’t looked back since. Pam expanded her love for books by working with a hybrid publishing company as a book marketing manager for over two years and with fourteen authors. Pam is knowledgeable in fiction and non-fiction marketing. Some of her marketing strengths include giving the author a timeline to work from so they know what to do and when, and she loves reading her author’s books and pulling quotes to make teasers with. She is wife to a Guinness World Record holder and mother to three young boys. She loves the ocean, kayaking, coffee, going for walks, and laughing. And chocolate, never forget the chocolate. Feel free to email her and chat!

Stephanie Thurwachter: Author Assistant

Stephanie aka “bookworm extraordinaire” and now “Author’s Little Helper,” has always loved to cuddle up with a good book: touring the globe, falling in love, solving crimes, traveling to outer space, falling through the rabbit hole and discovering new worlds. While studying Communication, gaining insights into PR Management and the international market, Stephanie dedicated her free time to her one true passion in life: books! She learned all she could about the self-publishing industry, while still working her day job as an event manager. Now, she loves spending her time helping authors to get their books out there and in the hands of new readers! Feel free to email her and chat!

Rachel Perez: Author Assistant

Rachel has been writing novels for over a decade and has cultivated a love of reading since she was a kid. Books are her life, and she loves the opportunity to escape through a wonderfully crafted story. Though young adult fantasy is her favorite genre, she will essentially read anything – and always prefers if there is romance involved! Her favorite authors are Maria V. Snyder and Margaret Rogerson. Rachel has participated in NaNoWriMo almost every year since high school and spent several years querying literary agents and attending writing conferences to pitch to agents in person. She’s enjoyed ARC reading, beta reading, and critiquing for other authors for several years. In 2020, she self-published her first YA dark fantasy trilogy and is currently working on writing more books! She has experience managing newsletters, setting up book promotions, advertising, engaging on social media, running contests and giveaways, and almost every other aspect of marketing for an author. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually playing with her two kids, spending time with her husband, watching an abundance of Netflix, or eating a mountain of chocolate. Feel free to email her and chat!

Giana Racine: Author Assistant

Giana, for as long as she can remember, has always enjoyed getting lost in a good book. Her love for books grew into a love for helping Authors. In 2014, she started helping a few author friends with some of their work load. This ignited a passion for being an Author Assistant which resulted in her working with over 25 authors over the past 6 years. She has experience with Realize Day Blitz Parties, social media management, street team management, newsletter creation, website development and so much more. When she isn’t helping her authors, she enjoys spending quality time with her family. She also loves traveling & meditating. Feel free to email her and chat!

Tiffany Moorman: Author Assistant

Single mother of five Tiffany has mastered the art of multitasking. It’s probably the only thing that keeps her on the outside of the insane asylum. That, and escaping inside of a good book whenever possible; either writing, helping to plot, or reading one. With a past that could fill at least two novels in more than one genre, Tiffany tends to choose books that are as far from reality as possible. She now specializes in all things dark. From dark romance, to paranormal, urban fantasy, supernatural, thrillers, dark fantasy, dark erotica, pretty much anything that’ll put a few chills up your spine and a good shock to your heart. Have a question about any creature of the lore, ask her, she’ll more than likely have the answer you’re looking for. Tiffany also no longer knows what the term sleep means so is available most times, day or night, except for the few times she passes out. Feel free to email her and chat!

Nicole Noble : Author Assistant

Nicole grew up on the East Coast but later moved to Colorado for college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in French. Once graduated, she set off on her next adventure. Bonjour! That’s right, Nicole went to France where she spent the next eight years of her life teaching English and taking in everything the country had to offer. But sadly, that adventure ended when her mother became ill, and she returned to the US. However, she didn’t let that stop her carefree spirit. Upon her return, Nicole jumped right into the fray as an Executive Assistant for a small cosmetic company where she earned the title of the “Office Ninja”. A self-diagnosed addict of organization and order, with over 18+ years in the administrative field, she has mastered her craft and then some. Nicole isn’t afraid to color outside the lines and is always ready for a new challenge. She loves helping others and has a true knack for making sure that everyone has what they need to be productive and to succeed. More than that, she not only has a real passion for dreaming up amazing ideas, but she also has the expertise to turn those dreams into a reality. In her free time, she loves to decorate her home and work on her favorite crafts, especially her wood flowers and vinyl sign and shirt collection. But above all else, Nicole is a neurotic book lover with over a thousand books currently loaded on her e-reader. Why, oh why, are there only 24-hours in a day?! Feel free to email her and chat!

Iris Pross – Author Assistant

Affectionately known as the “Master Book Pimp” to her author friends, Iris cannot remember a time when she couldn’t be found with a book in hand. After many years in the demanding industry of event management, where she gained a love of lists, she tried her hand at blogging about the many books she read as a  hobby and was hooked. She’s never met a genre she did not enjoy reading. In 2010, she met a fledgling author who offered to put her organizational skills (and frankly OCD tendencies) to use and hired her as an assistant. It started with one author and through the years she has added many more to her list of authors she assists. She has experience in social media management, all areas of book promotions, newsletter creation and many other areas of publicity and marketing for her authors. When she’s not reading, Iris can usually be found spending time with her two boys, her husband and her ever growing number of dogs. Feel free to email her and chat!


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