Cover Design & Graphics

The first step in marketing your book is making sure you are marketing a quality one. Second, it’s all about dressing up the package. Your book cover, teasers, and graphics are all a representation of your brand.

So you’re a Photoshop, Illustrator, or heck – Paint, ninja. That’s great, could you teach us paint? It takes more than design knowledge to produce a cover that’s going to entice a buyer to pick your book over another. It takes a genuine understanding of readers and what appeals to them. It takes knowledge of publication programs and printers and adhering to book cover guidelines. Most importantly, it takes an outsider to look at your cover ideas objectively and to tell you if those ideas will click with people who haven’t read your story yet.

It takes courage to tell an author no, but when we do it, if we have to, there is a solid reason behind it followed by a Plan B of what we believe is a better solution. Maybe you’re not such a Photoshop, Illustrator, or Paint ninja, but you do know that visuals sell better. Our graphic designers work closely with our marketing team to help produce any and all the graphics you may ever need, or want. Check out our design services, and know that we can bundle and package exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us for price quotes and to get started.

*Current Aurora publicity clients are eligible for a design discount.

  • Custom Cover Options – You’ll get a custom designed cover for all eBook formats. You can also get a fully compatible print cover designed for Amazon, a 2MB file for Barnes and Noble, or Print-On-Demand kiosks like the Espresso Book Machine. Our cover designers will mock-up concepts. You can choose one and then our designers will work on the concept until you’re satisfied. Both options include free stock from Deposit Photos. If you’d like to use stock photos or custom photos, you can, but those expenses are not included. Click Here to submit your custom cover request!
  • Pre-made covers –  Need a quality cover on a budget? Check out our gallery of pre-made covers. All pre-made covers come with a few key customization options such as fonts and colors.
  • Teaser Graphic Package – We’ll design (using stock photos) up to three different graphics suitable for Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, and Google+. Author picks which social platform to design for. Author must provide the book quotes.
  • Amazon A+ Graphics – We’ll design (using stock photos) custom graphics for your book or series to showcase on your Amazon product page.
  • Book Icon Graphics – We’ll use your cover on a 3D book, a book stack, and a tablet.
  • Swag Graphics – Business cards, bookmarks, postcards, and more. Take a look at those we’ve done before.
  • Website Graphics Package – Our website graphics package offers you a custom designed logo for your website. We’ll also include files for Twitter icons and Facebook profile pictures based on that logo.
  • Social Media Graphics Package – Our team of designers will design a suite of graphics including profile photos, headers, or complimentary graphics.
  • Full Branding Package – We create a custom design for your website. This includes a custom logo, website layout, interior graphics, custom slider images, as well as the updates to your website. Click here to fill out our branding questionnaire! 
  • Animated Banners
  • Slider Videos

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