Author Hops: Strength in Numbers


Whether you’re indie or traditional, one thing is for sure: cross-promotions tend to generate higher success rates than solo promotions. All promotions can be useful, but if you get an opportunity to join other authors in something, heed this advice, then jump in.

Advice to heed:

  1. Are the authors similar in genre to yourself? Some promotions are open to all genres, and those are useful for building FB Likes, Twitter followers, or Amazon Follows. However, if you’re looking to do a newsletter cross-promotion, it’s best if you stick within your genre so readers will easily transfer into YOUR readers.
  1. Are the authors you’re joining a decent crew? Do your homework. When you join a group your reputation and name are on the line. It doesn’t hurt to check out the authors you’ll be joining. How are their reviews? Their level of professionalism? Their fan base?

Let’s talk hops.

What is an author hop? A hop is an event where readers and fans hop to different authors’ social pages or blogs in order to collect, enter, or retain information generally linked to a giveaway of some kind.

Example of a Facebook hop: Readers hop to each participating author’s Facebook page, then complete an action to be entered to win a prize.

Example of a Blog hop: Readers hop to each participating author’s blog, generally enter to win a prize right on the blog or comment on the blog, then they are entered to win a prize.

Authors can get creative and do all different kinds of hops! How about on Twitter? No problem. Try out different platforms and see what one you like best.

What are some of the benefits of joining a hop type event with other authors?

  • Hops increase your website or social page traffic
  • Hops increase your reach and can help attract new-to-you readers
  • Hops help grow your community relations so you can get invited to more cross-promotions with other authors
  • Hops give your website or social pages fresh content, keeping your brand active and relevant
  • Hops are fun and social
  • Hops put you in front of new audiences
  • Hops can lead to building a larger fan base and increasing sales

So what’s to lose? Grow your audience, have some social fun, and get to hopping! Want to be considered for our cross-promotions? Aurora Publicity always has some kind of author group promo in the works and we’d love to add you to our mailing lists so we can email you any future opportunities to join. Interested? Sign up here.

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