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Ready to hire your dream assistant? Let us help pair you with your next sidekick. We offer administrative, marketing, and publicity assistants as well as design, editorial and publishing assistants.


Our designers are ready to arm you with any sort of graphics, covers, swag, or idea you can throw at them. Affordable and fast, check out what they can do for you.


Need a little help with your blurb or synopsis? Maybe you’re ready to pitch to agents, or to land a publisher. Or maybe you want to take on self-publishing, but would prefer a little guidance? Our editorial and publishing assistants are here to help you, no matter what journey you choose.


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Book marketing is a tireless job. Success comes from a whole lot of strategy… and a little bit of book marketing magic. Publishing your book is a magical moment – one you will never forget, but the reality of publishing a book is that your hard work has just begun. If you haven’t already done so, you must now dive into the world of marketing and self-promotion. If you’ve been published a while, you know that marketing your book, and brand, is this never-ending and absolutely necessary cycle that you need to tend to. Every. Single. Day. Why? Because your book is one in millions, hundreds of millions, and if you aren’t actively seeking out your readers every day, you can bet the thirty-two other authors that published their books at the exact same moment are.

The good news? We can totally help you. In any stage, in almost every way, we can help. Experienced authors, you know we speak the truth, and you’re here because you need a hand with managing it all. After all, you have that next book and the one after that to pen, right? You need a partner to take over some of your marketing responsibilities so that you can go write more. We understand you could do any of this on your own if you had more time, or a clone. Since you don’t, let us help.

No buying random packages or trying to think about what you might need last-minute for a new release. We assign you your very own assistant who works with you every week on getting your closer to your goals. On your schedule and on your budget, and your hours never expire. So if you need some time away from promotion, your assistant is on stand-by for when you’re ready to get back to work.

Below are some of the most popular services our authors work with our authors on. These are our “tip of the iceberg” services of what we can do together. We prefer hopping on a consult with you to iron out the right plan with the right goals for your brand and your marketing. Good marketing isn’t cheap (and it shouldn’t be) we know, but we promise to deliver our very best for every cent you spend with us.

So whether you’re a first-time author with your debut novel or a seasoned author looking for more writing time, we’ve got great ways to work harder and smarter for you.

List of Awesomeness

  • Author Platform Critique & Building – Google your author name. Hopefully the search results showed your website, your Amazon page, and your social media profiles. If they didn’t, we need to work on that with you because that’s where readers are going to start.
  • Social Media Development & Growth – Whether you need to get set up on social media, re-brand existing profiles, gain more fans and followers, or get some social media training, we can work together toward one or all.
  • Author Website & Blogging – An author’s website is the hub of all of their marketing, and we argue the most valuable and prime real estate an author has. Make sure your website has everything it needs to speak and connect with your readers and fans. Need someone to update your website and blog to keep your books, news, and links current? Our PAs can do that.
  • Author Branding – Sometimes you change your mind. A good idea a year ago might not be best suited to your author brand now. If you want to have a chat about branding and why it’s so important, we are here for you.
  • Book Reviews – Did you just waste three hours sending your book out to reviewers only to receive rejection emails, or worse, crickets? We hang out with a whole lot of reviewers—fans of all genres—and we will help you build those reviews up, up, and away.
  • Building your Newsletter & Mailing Lists – After your website, your newsletter is the most important marketing tool to invest in. Authors own this medium, and building it is a long-term strategy that’s best utilized early. We can help you load up your mailing list with hundreds or even thousands of adoring fans.
  •  Fan Management – Being popular is hard work. Buried under emails, fan mail, and prizes you’ve needed to send to winners for a week now all take time away from writing. Let our PA do all of that for you.
  • Cross-Promotions with other Authors – We really believe that authors can rise together. Let us connect you with other popular authors in your genre(s) and brainstorm and execute a fabulous cross promotion for you all to enjoy.
  • Virtual FB Parties – A virtual Facebook bash can take weeks of planning. We know all the right tricks to get hundreds (or thousands) of readers to your event. Together we can throw a party to remember.
  • Teasers & Graphics – People are drawn to things that are visually appealing. So during any of your campaigns it’s best to toss out some book teasers and graphics. Really get your readers and fans excited and engaged.
  • Hourly Consulting – Occasionally you want help on demand for a variety of things while still keeping the reins on your marketing. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, but would like a little coaching, give us a call! We’re available to chat whenever you are so we can turn those challenges into glorious victories.

So how does hiring an assistant work? Depending on your budget, you buy a block of hours, then work with your assistant one-on-one on many of the above (or anything we didn’t mention) tasks until the hours run out. Your assistant will also act as coordinator and project manager when you need services from our other assistants, as our consultants and specialists may come on from time to time to help with your overall goals and needs. We’re a team effort here at Aurora and you get the best from every assistant we employ.

You and your assistant will use a free online collaboration tool when working together, so even if you don’t talk to your assistant every day, you’ll know exactly what tasks are being worked on and when. Hours never expire, and you can choose to buy more whenever you’d like.

Our services are $40 an hour and gives you access to the whole team. book marketing magic

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