Book Club

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Does the idea of a book club interest you? Our virtual book club hosted on Facebook might be the perfect fit.

We’re not just another Facebook group. First off, there are NO PROMO posts during the week. Saturday and Sunday authors and readers may share their books, book parties, and anything promotional with buy links or descriptions, but promo posted during the week will be deleted.

So what’s this book club all about? Well, we’re a publicity company, true, but we’re also readers. What do readers like more than finding new authors and good books? Nothing. That’s what.

If you’re a reader, a real book-lover, fiction-fanatic, page-turning junkie, one more page preacher, then you’ve come to the RIGHT spot. We’ve got a lot of good stuff planned for this book club of ours.

We invite authors to drop by and hang out with you. We’ve heard a rumor that they like to give out prizes when that happens. We also feature two book club picks a month for everyone to read, then invite the author in at the end for a fun book club style Q&A and discussion. Trivia nights hosted by authors complete with bookish giveaways? Yes, please, and more of all the above coming.

If you like books, giveaways, authors, and more, then sit back, relax, and curl up in Aurora’s book nook. Did we mention this is a private club? Come meet other crazy book lovers. Join here.