New Release: Heir To The Sea by Danelle Harmon

Today we celebrate the release of
Heir To The Sea (Heroes Of The Sea Book 7)
by NY Times and USA Today best-selling author Danelle Harmon!
Publication date: September 7, 2017
Genre: Regency Romance

Set against the backdrop of the War of 1812,
a brand-new tale of courage, healing and love from
NY Times and USA Today bestselling author DANELLE HARMON…

Inside the Book:

His life devastated by tragedy, privateer Captain Kieran Merrick, youngest son of a famed New England maritime family, sets sail for his childhood home to confront bittersweet memories. When he encounters a merchant ship adrift in the Caribbean, he discovers something he never expects … a red-haired, pistol-wielding virago hiding in its cabin.

Rosalie McCormack can sail a ship, shoot a gun, and run a business. But she’s fleeing scandal, and now savage pirates who seized her family’s merchant ship have something both she and her handsome rescuer want. Through their unexpected attraction, can these two wounded souls overcome danger, deceit and the cold wrath of a brutal pirate to discover a love that could heal them both?

From the author of the internationally acclaimed and mega-bestselling series The De Montfortes!

Heir to the Sea Excerpt

Kieran shut the door behind them.

“Well,” he said, taking off his black top hat and placing it on a chair. He ran a hand through his hair, ruffling it and restoring it to the carelessly tousled look she loved so much. “If we were any other couple, I’d ply you with drink to dispel any nervousness, have a shot or two myself, and we’d get down to the business of consummating our union.”

“But we’re not any other couple.”

“No, we’re not.” He sat down on the bed and began to pull off a shoe.

She watched him. “But we still have to get to the consummation part.”


The hell with patience. “And I’d like to begin it by getting you as naked as I saw you last week, but then I’d have to contend with what I suspect would be your complete and utter shock.”

He paused in removing his shoe, cocked his head ever so slightly, and looked at her, one corner of his mouth lifting almost imperceptibly. It was subtle, but she had come to recognize that look. It was his look of information-gathering, of mulling that information over in his mind, of coming to conclusions that were, almost always, uncannily correct. There was no hiding from that look, no lying to that look. And, as if he knew the direction of her thoughts—and surely he did—the slight lift in his mouth became a teasing, amused little smile, and he raised one dark and questioning brow.

“Do you know, Rosalie,” he said, removing the other shoe, “I do believe I would enjoy being completely and utterly shocked.”

“Would you?”

He pushed aside the cast-off shoes with one foot and again, looked up at her. The last rays of the setting sun caught the profile of his face, gleamed in his dark, carelessly curling hair, and struck gold off the buttons of his open tailcoat. And then his mouth began to twitch with suppressed humor.

“What?” she asked, grinning.

“This beautiful woman is my bride, but her boldness she thinks I cannot abide—”

“No, no poetry—”

“When truth be told I’d have her no other way, the most beautiful girl on the Chesapeake Bay.”

Rosalie laughed, shook her head, and put her hands on her hips. “Kieran Merrick, I hope to God you’re a better lover than you are a poet.”

“Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

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About Danelle:

“One of my all-time favorite authors!” — Julia Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author

First published in 1991, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written sixteen books, with many distributed in various languages throughout the world. She and her family make their home in New England with a menagerie including four dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and pet chickens. Danelle welcomes email from her readers and can be reached at or on Facebook.

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