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Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring (The Legend of the Theodosia Sword Book 2) by USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Suzan Tisdale, Cheryl Bolen, Sabrina York, and Susan Stoker.

Publication date: July 12th, 2016

Genre: Romance


The heart of a legend. The only chance for love. The hope that the Fates will be kind before time runs out.

The long-awaited sequel to the original multi-genre USA TODAY bestselling collection, With Dreams Only Of You: The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, has finally arrived. Welcome to EVER MY LOVE: THE LORE OF THE LUCIUS RING, a multi-genre new material collection unlike any other romance collection available today.

Six of the top authors in their genres bring you this powerhouse collection based upon the common thread of a cursed ring, passed down through the female line descended from Theodosia herself. Only a woman may bear the burden of the ring said to curse she who wears it. When the owner of the ring finds love, the stone remains crimson and assures her life-long happiness. But if she does not find love by her twenty-fifth birthday, the ring will turn dark and she will be forever cursed with loneliness.

Join the descendants of Theodosia as they grapple with a family legend that follows them through centuries of hope, heartache, adventure, and romance in seven amazing segments:

In ancient Rome – The ring, and its curse, begin with the beautiful Theodosia.

Medieval England – The ring finds its way into a notorious outlaw’s possession only to curse the woman he loves.

The Scottish Highlands – The ring escapes with a little girl… and the curse follows.

Tudor England – The ring once again becomes the prize for the lawless when an infamous female pirate tries to steal it from a Queen’s Naval Captain.

Georgian Era – Twin sisters vie for the ring – and for the Duke of Axminster.

Regency England – The ring enters the proud and proper Regency set where the curse finds new life.

Modern Times – Mistaken identity, soul mates, and the last chance for the ring to fulfill its destiny.

Seven unique and powerful brand-new stories take the legend of the Lucius Ring through the ages. Discover how each woman finds her own love, peace, and happiness. The ring that can tear them apart is also the one that binds them.

The heart of a legend. The only hope for love… will each lady find her destiny before time runs out?


“Madam,” he said politely. “I have come for your valuables. You will kindly comply.”

The woman continued to fan herself. “Thieving wretch,” she said, breathless. “It is a goodly lesson to you that all of my valuables were sent on ahead with my servants. I do not carry them with me. Your ambush is for naught.”

He looked at her, cocking his head. His gaze, although she could not see it, roamed her head and round body. “I beg to differ,” he said. “You have bejeweled clips. I shall take them.”

She stiffened and stopped fanning herself. “You will not!”

He didn’t argue with her. He simply reached out and ripped them from where they fastened to her high neckline. She gasped in outrage, slapping at him as he ripped off the ruby clips. As she slapped at him, he caught sight of a ring on her hand, very large, and he grabbed her fingers to take a look at it. She tried to yank her hand back but he held it fast as he inspected the stone the size of a sparrow’s egg.

“What is this?” he asked. “It looks very old.”

She was trying to kick at him now, trying to push him away. “Let me go!”

He ignored her, now trying to pull the ring from her fat finger. It wouldn’t budge. “You can either give me this ring or I can cut your finger off,” he said. “It makes no difference to me but it will make a good deal of difference to you.”

The woman stopped kicking at him and scowled. “You vile creature,” she hissed. “I cannot imagine your mother is too proud of you for the profession you have chosen.”

He cocked an eyebrow beneath his mask. “My mother likes to eat,” he said. “Therefore, she has no say in my profession if she wants to continue eating. Are you going to give me this ring or must I cut your finger off?”

The woman was torn between defiance and fear. “You do not want this ring.”

“Aye, I do.”

“But it is cursed.”

He snorted. “I applaud you for using a new tactic against me,” he said, “but it will not work. I do not believe in curses. Give me the ring.”

He was yanking on it again, causing her pain, and she tried to pull her hand back. “It is a genuine curse, I assure you,” she said, grunting in pain. “And it is not for a man to have.”

He stopped pulling and flashed his dirk. “I will not tell you again to remove it,” he said, flashing the blade in her line of sight. “Remove it now or I cut it off.”

The old woman could see that he was serious. Feeling sick to her stomach, she did the only thing she could do. She nodded her head, briefly, and he let her hand go. Her fat fingers were swollen as she tried to work the ring off.

“At least listen to me before you take it,” she said. “You may not want it when I am finished.”

“I am waiting.”

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5 thoughts on “Book Blitz and #Giveaway: Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring

  1. I LOVE Release day!! This book has been a year in the making. So very happy to work with these phenomenal authors. Looking forward to hearing what our readers think. 😀

  2. I began this book last night and am about to plunge in again! Fabulous– not to be missed! Kathryn Le Veque’s prologue opens the adventure in Rome, then continues in England in the 1100’s. The glorious red stone has turned to black; soon to fall into the hand of a robber– then the chaos begins. Kathryn does the Medieval period perfectly– as all of her books! Suzan Tisdale, Queen of Highland romance, comes next with Rianna searching for her long lost father. She has a secret, a childhood crush, and is alone in the world when she happens across the childhood crush–all grown up. Aiden is a mercenary now, but still feels a glow for Rianna. The story is filled with adventure, heartbreak, sword play, and love. I will be diving into the 1400’s with Eliza Knight next.

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