Authors We Love: Kathryn R. Biel

So there’s this author we love. We would say that we love her a lot, but “a lot” is a horrible descriptive. So instead, we’re going to use some of the words that her reviewers have used to describe her work:

“…hilarious and original.”

-Amazon reviewer for Live for This

“I look forward to reading more stories of this kind from Kathryn R. Biel.”

-Amazon reviewer for Made for Me

“I was glued to the story…”

-Amazon reviewer for I’m Still Here


As you can see, we’re not the only ones who love Kathryn R. Biel. We’re pretty glad she’s around, telling stories of resilient women who face real life issues.

We are pretty sure that you’ll love her, too. In fact we’re sure that you love her so much, we’re encouraging you to sign up for her newsletter . When you do, you’ll get a free copy of Kathryn’s novella, Completions and Connections! We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with her heroines as much as we have!

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